Pruning Palm Trees for the Upcoming Spring Season

Pruning is an art and should be executed with an understanding of how the tree reacts to each cut. If not, incorrect palm pruning can serve as the precursor to damage later on that may last for the entire lifetime of the tree.

Pick the perfect time to prune your palm trees

Tree experts all agree that diseased, damaged, and dead branches should be eliminated as soon as possible. But they also note that the perfect time to prune is right before spring before the tree starts to open its buds. Trees pruned right before spring acquire a callous around the cut faster than trees that are pruned at other times and therefore, can heal faster.

While palm pruning can be carried out at any time, it is best to stay clear of really hot, dry periods and intense winter temperatures, which is why right before spring is best. And though older palm trees may require frequent pruning to remove dead wood, younger palm trees must also be pruned regularly to encourage healthy branch formation for later growth.

How to prune

Haphazardly cutting off the branches is never advised. There are several steps to removing branches, with the final cut being made close to the trunk. Also, the last cut should not be made at level with the trunk. Doing this results in an extremely large wound and increased probability of improper healing and the occurrence of rotting.

Pruning palm trees is more than just cutting branches (or fronds), it is both an art and science. When trimming and shaping trees, it is essential to maintain their proportion and shape. Consequently, pruning is about maintaining the optimal overall health of the tree.

Hire a professional palm tree removal service

Look up and contact a professional palm tree service in your area. Tree cutting companies are the best means of assuring that your maintenance turns out correctly. Tree experts can carry out the pruning and guarantee that the right fronds are cut, as there is a proper strategy for doing it.

Professional palm tree trimming companies can significantly affect the aesthetic quality of your trees to help it maintain its best health throughout the year. With professional assistance, a tree that may be in ill health, overgrown, or need to be removed altogether can be completed in a professional, efficient manner.

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